Should we start claiming Medical expenses as “Business expense”?

Shanti Bhushan from Wikipedia

This let me ask myself, the $1 spent on buying paper clips that meets the “wholly, exclusively and necessarily” required for my profession, but my expensive medication to keep my body fit and functional does not?

Shanti Bhushan’s taken on the Delhi Court’s judgment:

In a way, if the mass decides to go claim every capsule cost, in fear of loss of revenue, the government could be forced to bring down the price of medications and medical procedures. Or the Govt would be forced to regulate how to assess the value of a heart, Brain, Kidney, Lungs etc from a business perspective.

There is a another very likely scenario where the SC throws away the case and this ends there. But then again, will have to await how the judgement is written by the SC. Provided they agree to take the case.



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